New Lazy Susan

UPM Conveyors have developed a new version of their Rotary Table (Lazy Susan) to operate as an integrated part of a product handling system or to act as a stand alone unit to act as a buffer when required for accumulating and unloading product but to also ensure total evacuation and as standard incorporating variable […]

2000 Conveyors For GCS

UPM have been nominated preferred suppliers of belt conveyors to the GCS Group which includes major moulding companies Zeller Plastik; Obrist; UCP and Massmould who together now have over 2000 conveyors for automation of product transfer with integration to the moulding machine ensuring only perfect product is transferred so offering a fail safe solution. UPM […]

£150k Spend Payback in 8 Months

Intier Automotive in Redditch selected UPM Conveyors Ltd to automate the product handling from a bank of seven large tonnage Injection moulding machines which offered a payback time of only eight months against an investment of £150k by improving efficiency and reducing labour. Originally an operator was employed on each machine to visually check and […]

40% Saving for Confectionery company with UPM

UPM Conveyors achieved a 40% saving in production for the largest UK manufacturer of confectionery by offering a solution for not only transferring toffees from their wrapping line to their multi head weigher but to also reduce the temperature from 80c to 20c prior to being bagged so offering a payback time of only 4 months […]

UPM Conveyors Invest in the Future

UPM Conveyors have invested circa £50k in 3D mechanical solid modelling design software for creating 3D digital prototypes using the design visualisation and simulation of products. This will benefit their customers in being able to visualise the proposed solution for a product handling application as the image can be rotated through 360 degrees so eliminating […]

Full Automation from UPM Conveyors

McCormick (UK) Ltd based in Haddenham Aylesbury is the global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of spices, seasonings and flavours to the entire food industry and consulted UPM Conveyors for their latest new product handling project based on a total solution involving each stage of production through bag filling to final boxing and […]