Roller Conveyors

Gravity conveyor systemGravity conveyors are an economical and simply form of transporting flat product from one point to another. Minimal effort required in the movement of goods whether it is manual assistance or gravitational force.

FDA Plastic, Stainless steel and zinc rollers are available in 30mm, 40mm & 50mm diameters on centers to suit application.

Line Shaft Driven Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyorLine shaft driven roller conveyors are a more advanced form of transporting flat product from one point to another.

  • Incorporates 50 mm Diameter Rollers fitted at 75 – 150 mm pitch Giving 5Kg Drive Per roller
  • Available in widths 300mm rising in 50mm increments to 750mm
  • Low pressure accumulation
  • Power up to 30 metres from one 0.37Kw drive unit
  • Also available in stainless steel

Powerd Roller Vegetable Grading Conveyor

Roller conveyor systemPicture shown illustrates a Pepper Grader being manufactured for Thanet Earth who are based on the Isle of Thanet in Kent and boast the largest most high-tech greenhouse complex in the UK with enough glass to cover 80 football pitches for growing tomatoes; peppers and cucumbers with exceptional green credentials and as part of a continuous efficiency improvement programme consulted UPM Conveyors to automate the grading of Peppers at a rate of 3 tonnes per hour.

Food Grade Gravity Roller Conveyor

Food gravity roller

  • Blue PU 50mm dia rollers with 304 stainless steel spindles
  • 304 stainless steel support frame
  • 100mm dia articulated foot pads + 75mm height adjustment
  • Suitable for pressure clean down