HMWPE Conveyors

To eliminate the need for belt tracking and tensioning UPM developed plastic conveyors with the side frames produced from High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) which are cut on an in-house router together with the machining of channels  either side of the frames to locate the belt offering an ideal solution for change of angle or swan neck conveyor arrangements plus quick belt release for ease of clean down is easily achieved via manually operated tension release arms that operate via the top dead centre logic allowing all aspects of the conveyor to be cleaned without the need for any special tools so a direct benefit to the operator in ease of maintaining a high care area particularly for food applications.

UPM offer a free advisory service to their clients resulting in a bespoke customer engineered solution which then results in a Performance Guarantee allowing peace of mind with reliability and trouble free operation.

Twin Swan Neck Conveyor to Bagging Machine

  • Twin swan neck conveyorTransporting multipacks of chocolate bars
  • Food approved conveyor sides in HMWPE
  • Food approved link belt with quick removal for cleaning
  • 100mm high scooped flights
  • Variable speed control and e/stop interfaced to bagging machine
  • 304 Stainless steel support frame


Soft Fruit Tray Filling

  • Soft fruit tray fillingTransporting trays at a rate of 100 per minute filling from a vertical twin head multi weigher machine
  • 1000mm infeed to 1000mm discharge height
  • Food approved link belt
  • Quick belt removal for easy clean down
  • Food approved conveyor sides in HMWPE
  • Adjustable guide rails for various tray sizes
  • 304 Stainless steel support frame
  • Twin drive system each with an invert
  • Sensors for stop / start during tray filling


Triple Decker for UPMTriple decker

UPM Conveyors have established preferred supplier status to Finlays Fresh Produce who were the first suppliers of Fairtrade vegetables into the UK. Roger Broughton Group Engineering Manager states UPM were selected due to their ability to offer bespoke solutions to product handling in Kenya where trouble free operation and zero maintenance are priorities.

Finlay’s, established in 1750, has a substantial horticultural business which is involved in the growing, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution of cut flowers and premium prepared fresh produce, supplying several leading UK retailers. The company has major farming interests in Kenya, South Africa and China and is the largest vertically integrated added value horticultural producer and exporter of fresh produce and flowers from Africa to the EU. Finlays produced over 165 million packs of vegetables for the UK retail market in 2010 amounting to 29 million kilos of the freshest vegetables.