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Producing High Quality Conveyor Systems in the UK

UPM Conveyors was founded 40 years ago in 1975 and was formed to specialise in providing conveying equipment for the worlds packaging industry. Since then it has expanded extensively to include the conveying of food and hygiene-related products, whilst still manufacturing all of the conveyors at our UK factory, which is based in Langley, Berkshire. Contact us today on 01753 548801 or email

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Bespoke Conveyor Solutions

Our Belt Conveyor System Range

Our belt conveyors can be simple, small, horizontal units right up to large bespoke conveying systems with PLC control. They are manufactured from a choice of materials including stainless steel and special food-grade HMWPE plastic, which is machined to size on our in-house router. Belt options include plastic link type, together with the conventional PU, cloth, tab etc.

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