Full Automation from UPM Conveyors

McCormick (UK) Ltd based in Haddenham Aylesbury is the global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of spices, seasonings and flavours to the entire food industry and consulted UPM Conveyors for their latest new product handling project based on a total solution involving each stage of production through bag filling to final boxing and palletising.

The specification required UPM to design, programme and build a PLC control to fully automate the interface from the bag filler through to the Jacob White case erector/sealer which involved transporting filled bags at a rate of 30 per minute through a 90′ bend to a reject station incorporating a specially designed air knife to gently transfer product to a holding area should there be a problem with the case sealer erector alternatively via a bag equaliser station to a double acting pneumatic gate system ensuring each bag is transferred in the correct alignment for boxing.

The out feed collates full boxes and stacks them in packs of 5 for insertion into an outer case prior to palletising.

Frank Hentschel of McCormick praised UPM Conveyors for their innovation and complying with the 8 week lead time for the complete system to be in operation which was performed with minimal disruption and is operating trouble free 24/7.

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