bespoke test tube conveyor installed

COVID-19 Test Tube Conveyor And Rotary Carousel System

Earlier this year our conveyor experts worked on a COVID-19 test kit conveyor with a cooling and box indexing system. Since then, we have been thrilled to work with Plastic Engineering Solutions, based in the UK, to design and manufacture a COVID-19 test tube conveyor and rotary carousel system.

Plastic Engineering Solutions has over 20 years experience as a technical injection moulding specialist and required a bespoke counting conveyor and storage system for the moulded components.

Through our skills and expertise, we designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke system to meet their requirements and to ensure efficiency and productivity. Discover the challenges and solutions we worked on in our case study below.

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The problem

  • High mould cavitation
  • Fast mould cycle
  • High component spillage
  • High quality construction required for the conveyor using price competitive materials
  • Labour intensive process with manual box change over
  • Small footprint available for a solution

After we discussed the issues with the team at Plastic Engineering Solutions, we worked on creating a system to fit in with their needs and budget. This was presented and approved using the latest  3D CAD software.

Our solution

bespoke conveyor installed

Bespoke conveyor installed

  • HMWPE conveyor sides, stainless steel mobile support frame and PET-G dust covers
  • Polybag accumulation system
  • Bespoke PLC programme to allow the machine setter to input the actual amount of mould cavitations to achieve the target quantity
  • PLC inputs and outputs to communicate with the moulding machine
  • Bespoke conveyor design using the latest 3D CAD software

After presenting our bespoke design, we manufactured and delivered two types of systems, 4 and 8 off tubes with diameters and heights to suit the customers polybags.

3D models of the bespoke designs

4 off tube rotary carousel

4 off tube rotary carousel

8 off tube rotary carousel

8 off tube rotary carousel

About Plastic Engineering Solutions

Plastic Engineering Solutions (PES) specialise in re-engineering from metal to plastic, engineering consultancy, short run component manufacturing, and technology transfer for a wide range of businesses. Based in Wiltshire, England they have partnerships with industry research groups to ensure they offer clients the latest technology.

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