Rotary Carousel System

High Speed End Of Line Conveyor & Rotary Carousel System

With over 40 years’ experience in conveyor design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, we’re proud to have worked with an incredible range of businesses across all manner of industries, including plastics and manufacturing. Here, we look at a recent project where we designed a bespoke counting conveyor and storage system for a major global company.

As part of this project, the client, a technical injection moulding specialist who has a production facility based in the UK, needed several solutions to improve the system for end of the line packed components. Our experts used 3D software to help create the ideal solution and the system is now successfully in place.

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Old conveyor system issues

There were many challenges our bespoke system resolved, which has now improved their process of manufacturing a medical product:

  • High speed 250 parts per minute
  • ~600 parts loaded into a box
  • Lightweight flow wrapped product
  • High quality construction required for the conveyor using price competitive materials
  • Labour intensive process with manual box change over
  • Small footprint available for a solution

During our video meeting with the client’s engineering team, we designed in real-time using 3D software a conveyor & rotary carousel system that would work better for their requirements.

Our new bespoke conveyor solutions

  • HMWPE conveyor sides, stainless steel mobile support frame and PET-G dust covers
  • Cardboard box accumulation system
  • Bespoke PLC programme that communicated with the downstream flow wrapper high speed count signal.
  • Bespoke conveyor design using the latest 3D CAD software

After presenting our bespoke design, we manufactured and delivered two identical systems,  with capacity for 12 off cardboard boxes over two tiers.

Photos of the bespoke designs during onsite testing

Rotary Carousel System

High Speed End Of Line Conveyor

Once installed, our team tested the new system onsite to ensure that all elements were working correctly, meaning the company could start production seamlessly and meet their deadlines. In addition to onsite testing, our team also offers training on all aspects of our conveyor systems for relevant onsite staff. We’re also contactable for help and advice and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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