Fail-safe Features at Plastek UK

The team at UPM Conveyors look back at a sophisticated automated product handling system they designed and installed at packaging manufacturer Plastek UK. In 2014 this project expanded the business with blue chip brands.

Published here in Packaging News, a leading industry magazine, the team will feature once more this August with an in-depth interview.

Key design elements:

  • Reduction in manual intervention
  • Cooling systems
  • A HMI touch screen
  • Statistical process control
  • Elimination if belt tracking and tensioning


Plastek UK automated conveyancing

For the project UPM Conveyors automated the transfer of injection moulding right through to the assembly at the company’s site in Nottingham. The three product handling systems were designed to minimise manual intervention, to speed up the process of moulding the plastic components and also assembling them at the 18,000sqm factory.

Roy Fowler, sales director of UPM Conveyors, explains: “From leaving the injection moulding machine, components travel about 100 metres through different heights and levels to the assembly area.”

Products must also be cooled along the way – essentially it is this that dictates line speed, according to Warboy. “The speed of the conveyors is set to allow enough cooling time to bring the products down from about 60-70°C to ambient temperature,” he says.

Since installation UPM Conveyors have performed maintenance on the site twice, ensuring the system runs to its full potential of 360 aerosol systems per minute. This allows Plastek UK to meet it’s client contracts.

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