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Successful Cooling Solution For A UK Beverage Closure Company

At UPM Conveyors our team’s expertly designed conveyors and systems can be the perfect solution to manufacturing issues, resulting in a more efficient, cost effective process.

Recently we worked with a UK based beverage closure company, creating a solution that would now be beneficial to other beverage closure businesses across the country.

Discover the challenges we resolved and our implemented solutions below. Get in touch with us on 01753 548801 if you are currently experiencing similar problems and require our services.

The problem

  • Closure temperature above 45-degrees Celsius causing ovality as they enter downstream equipment
  • High level of static present
  • High reject rate
  • De-mould temperature above 90-degrees Celsius
  • High mould cavitation
  • Fast cycle time

This beverage closure company was experiencing ovality, a high level of static and a high reject rate among other problems in their current conveyancing system. Combined, these issues were causing a loss of product and of course, a reduction in efficiency which ultimately costs money.

Our solution

  • Closure temperature now ~30-degree Celsius to reduce the ovality and reject rate issue
  • Bespoke conveyor design using the latest 3D CAD software
  • Stainless steel conveyor sides, mobile support frame & PET-G dust covers
  • Low wear and FDA compliant modular link belt
  • Bespoke control system design
  • Static eliminator installed

Our team created a bespoke conveyor design which we presented to the company, manufactured and then installed and tested on the premises, including a static eliminator and a bespoke control system.

System details

3D CAD design


Swan neck

The conveyor 3D model we created to present to the customer at the design stage.

UPM Conveyor cooling system

  • Two high efficiency fans (1ph 240v 0.6 amp) providing 1200 m3/h of air flow
  • Air/heat exchangers requiring 10 bar chilled water with 15mm diameter pipes
  • Variable speed control to adjust fan speed
  • Hinged quick access to the G4 grade pleated panel filter

Upper occo cooler assembly


Lower occo box assembly

manual temperature test

Manual temperature test

Moulding machine

Moulding machine

Bespoke control system

  • Designed and built at UPM
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Operating mode no.1 variable speed adjustment with continuous belt running
  • Operating mode no.2 variable speed adjustment with timed belt stop / start
  • Continuous temperature monitoring of the cooling system with over temperature alarm
  • E-stop with Pilz safety relay
  • Logic to communicate with both up & down stream equipment
HMI screen-min

HMI screen

Static eliminator

  • Fraser Static Eliminator 3024L provides medium range static neutralisation to meet the requirements of high-performance machinery
  • 24v DC power supply provided from the UPM control panel
  • Operating distance 100 – 500 mm
  • Shockless, resistively coupled tungsten emitters for unlimited life

Quick belt removal and installation

  • Hinged door with safety interlock
  • Belt removal within 5 minutes for clean down / maintenance
  • Belt re-install within 5 minutes.

Discharge section and drive motor

  • Square to round s/steel chute designed & manufactured by UPM Conveyors
  • High level sensor to prevent closure back-up with output signal to cycle stop
  • Over temperature thermostat
  • SEW motor with optional drip tray
  • Location of static eliminator

Swan neck

Video of the caps and closure cooling conveyor

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